Saturday, July 9, 2011

004 Make up & a little cheat

Hiiii everyone~! ☆

I'm feeling great even though I had a very tiring week =O= did lots of work and cleaning.. ! heh.
Now it's weekend though and it feels great :)

The other day I felt like trying out my make up skills again and do some better gyaru make... So here's the result! Sorry for the dark pics, it was after work so it was already starting to get dark outside.. :(

Yeah I could do without the eyebags >_>;; heh. I was pretty happy with how the make up came out though! Looks like huge doll eyes, hehe ♥
I'm thinking about dying my hair again, because the colour is fading and it will continue to do so in summer... No idea what colour though (○A ○);; I love red, but it always washes out so quickly..
Any suggestions from any of you? ♥

As for the title of my post.. I have a little money making cheat for you all :)
If you, like me, love to buy from and you're from europe (sorry not the UK!) there's a little catch. Usually on online shops I just put in Euro as currency and shop... but here, if you keep it on Brittish pounds it's cheaper! The currency will then be calculated by paypal when you pay... but when you change it on the site itself it changes it but adds more, for taxes and stuff I guess! I saved 5 euros on my last order and even though it sounds like a little.. it's still saved money I can spend on other things! ~☆
I thought it was pretty awesome :)

One last pic of my mug because it shows my make better... don't mind the silly fish mouth ~w~ I like to make faces when I take pics or I just feel boring.

Well, that's all for now! Hope everyone has a great weekend~

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  1. Je make is leuuk! Doet me een beetje aan tsubasa denken! ^^