Saturday, January 14, 2012

011 Make up and kitties.

Since I'm sitting around the house a lot (hunting for jobs online) I decided that today I would not look like a bum the entire day and did some make up ^w^

But first, a pic of a cute kitty *O*

Gizmo, sleeping next to me, awww ♥

I tried out my new circle lenses. I was a little disappointed.. they don't really enlarge a lot and I hoped the colour would be more noticable (pink).
Tada~  I also tried to use my lower eye lashes that I got a while ago. Before I always felt like I didn't look 'gyaru' enough without them... but I found it hard to make them work! Still not really sure if I like them on me.. here's some more random pics I took.

 I always feel like my face is so heavy with all the lashes and the eyeliner on ○_○ so that's why i'm still not so sure about this style. Even so, I do feel too 'normal' when i'm not wearing the lower lashes.. dilemma!

 I actually changed into a nice outfit but all the outfit pics sucked xD; so most of them are just me in my PJ's .. Sorry about that!

Also, I can never seem to be able to put two pictures next to each other on my blog? Am I just a complete noob or is it actually not possible? XD; so many questions... haha.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

010 Happy new year~!

Happy new year to everyone! ^w^
I had a great Christmas and New years celebration! And i'm all ready to go into 2012 and make it an awesome year :)

For new years eve we went to De Efteling, a dutch themepark which is amazing ♥ We first had an amazing dinner;
The entrance of the park! So lovely. It always used to remind me of Hogwarts, haha.

This was the starter, a big plate for of yummies!
I love pickles so I was sitting at the right spot haha ^o^
The staff was all really lovely and I had such a good time time during the dinner. It was all in Burgundian style! It made me feel a little like as if I was in A Song of Ice and Fire book, hehe.

This was the main course! Grilled chicken and potatoes and veggies underneath along with herbs&spices. It was lovely! I had never before eating a whole chicken like that (we shared of course). My dad is wearing the scarf/bib think because he was made the 'chicken manager' and he had to pick up the chicken from the kitchens! Haha. We got to keep the scarf :)

And dessert! Little apple pies with vanilla sauce. I don't like vanilla so I didn't use the sauce but the pies were lovely <3 still warm and really fresh, yum!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

009 Loads of stuff.

A while back I posted about ordering a wig. I took some pics in it quite a while ago too but never posted.. so here are a few :)

So I bought it from ebay and it was quite cheap and the shipping was very quick! For those interested; Here's the shop/link.

I was very satisfied with it, even though the colour seems to be a bit more bright than it appears to be in the ebay/stock picture. When using flash you can tell it's fake, but in normal daylight I think, even though it has a very bright colour, it looks quite real. I posted this picture somewhere else a while ago and a lot of people initially thought this was my own hair and that I had dyed it.

It's super voluminous! So if you're looking for a wig with a lot of volume/poofyness, this is the one for you! (I think they sell it in different colours than this one too.) You also get a free wig cap!                                                                                        

So I decked out in mori clothes and took some pics in our autumn garden as you can see :D I really love this wig a lot, it's great quality. Last pic is in a slightly darker room inside.
Took this pic earlier this week.. Practising a bit with my make up :) I actually dyed my hair lighter today and I really like the colour! But I haven't taken any pictures yet... too busy buying and wrapping christmas presents @_@

Talking of Christmas... I probably wont blog until after new years, so for those who read this; I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope 2012 will be lovely :) ♥

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

008 Christmas tree!

Today I set up our new christmas tree! It was very excited, I had never done it on my own before.. But it went very well. The kits thought it was very excited too, I had to shoo them away from the tree a thousand and one times, haha.

Here's the finished result! :D I'm quite happy with it although it was hard to divide the lights everywhere @_@
Then I decided to dress up in my maid outfit, since we wanted to put some X-mas greets from the maids of the cafe on our site...

Here's our website; Although it's a little un-updated ^^;

I explored my new home town a little more today and found we have a river island, new look, republic, jane norman, topshop & H&M!! I can totally shop here, great :D

Monday, December 5, 2011

007 Vivienne Westwood/ Hervia review

Hi everyone,

It's been a while but here's a little post. It's a review for a bracelet I got at the beginning of August from my boyfriend for my birthday.

This is what it looked like when I got it~ He ordered it for me from Http://
I was thrilled and I thought it was amazing, I was so happy with it!

But... after a month or so, the bracelet started discolouring... and not a little either :(

It got even worse after that, the whole back is gone coppery now.. as well as the chain and the front and edges. I send Hervia an email about it, since Vivienne Westwood isn't exactly cheap and i'd expect some quality from them.... yet the email I got back said that I could send it back for inspection, but there would be a big chance I wouldn't get it back. What the hell?? I mean, I told them I got it from my boyfriend for a birthday present... It wasn't cheap and... They'll expect me to just send it away like that? Uhm, no. They didn't offer anything in compensation and I was pretty dumbfound by that.

I love Vivienne Westwood and her stuff, but I don't think I'll be buying from them in the future.

Saturday, October 22, 2011

006 More gets and a day outdoor :)

Hi everyone!
I Finally ordered some lower lashes from ebay (OwO);; very excited to get them and try them out.. I've been wanting to try them for a long time, but never could find any good cheap ones.. (I don't wanna spend a lot of money and then find out they don't suit me!) but I found some for 2 euros today so I went ahead and ordered them :)

I also bought this :

I got this wig, yay! I was doubting between some other longer ones and brown ones... but I thought this one was cute and won't tangle as easily as a longer one.. and it looks quite natural even though it's a red colour :) I hope it'll be as nice as on the picture!

Today I went to the park with my parents and our doggie, I was a lot of fun and I just love autumn.. so pretty!

I really like mori style, I hope it shows in my outfit of today :)

Hopefully i'll post again soon with my new lashes!

Thursday, September 22, 2011

005 New gets and eyebrows~

Hi everyone! It's been quite a while since I posted, but since i'll be moving into my new apartment soon I didn't have very much money to spend on fashion.. :( boo!

But today I could spend a little money and I got some stuff :D

Cute silky scarf from the H&M
Cool stole from H&M :D really love this... thinking about buying the dark brown one aswell >_<

New lipsticks I bought. The one above this one is with flash and without... I think it looks so different!? haha.. Looks much more like the without flash pic, more orange/coral. Luckily, because that was what I was looking for :)
Woohoooo! I bleached my eyebrows!

So yes, I decided after all those years... it was time to finally try and bleach my eyebrows! I was a bit nervous but I just went for it :) and i'm very happy with the results!
Even though my natural hair colour is dirty/dark blonde my eyebrows are very dark and bushy naturally :'( haha.. I didn't mind when my hair was darker but after summer it's almost blonde again (my fringe at least) so yep. Time to lighten up~♥

Crazy eyes, wtf. Before the bleaching!! I was quite nervous to do it..


After bleach :) you can't see too good in the pics, but I'm really happy with the results!      

I'm sad to see the summer I didn't really have go, but autumn is also an amazing season and as you can tell my all the colours I bought... I happily invite it! ...Just hope it won't be too much rain, haha.