Wednesday, June 29, 2011

001 First post!

Hello everyone! or... well, no-one yet, I guess since I don't have any followers haha..
Hopefully that'll change soon but for the time being i'll just start blogging away :D
I'll mainly post about clothes and make up like products, because i love buying these things and I might aswell share the love ;)

So here's a very sexy first picture of myself!

Me and my new facemask! It's from Dr.Organic, which can be found at De Tuinen here in Holland. According to the package it's;
  •  Oil absorbing
  • Cell rejuvenating &
  • Detoxifying aswell as nourishing

    Sounds good right?! \(○A ○)\
    The price was 10 euro something so not that expensive since it's 125 ml~
    Also important; it's suitable for vegetarians and Dr. organic is against animal testing ♥
So it felt very good! It also smells absolutely delicious~ and my skin feels very soft and fresh right now.
The only minor down side it has is that it's clay based and i found it a little hard to get everything off in one go (I ended up wetting a cotton pad to take it off with which worked very well).

Today I also bought my very first YSL lipstick!

It's the Rouge pur #147
Describes as Brun noisette, hazelnut
I've been drooling over it for a while now after I first tested it out in a store and i'm sooo happy i finally got it :) will definitely be wearing it a lot! I love this colour because it's not too appearant, yet it looks very stylish :) perfect!

Well that was it for now! Hopefully i'll write more soon :D

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