Thursday, June 30, 2011

002 Personal style..

So here I am, already writing my second post :)!

 The last real shopping spree I had was a week ago when i visited beautiful London~ ♥

Needless to say it was awesome and the shops were even better! :D
Among some of the things I bought there was this cute peter pan collared dress..

Excuse my srz face, just look at the cute dress :D
I've been looking for something like this for a while so i was thrilled when i found it for pretty cheap, hehe.

So lately i've been wanting to wear two styles a lot.. which are Gyaru and vintage style clothing.. A bit of an odd combination i guess?
I've been going for the vintage look a bit more since I can't wear gyaru to my work (unless it's mori style with simple make up).. so it's been more of a off day/weekend thing, but I'm trying to get better and wear it more often :D This blog should help me a little with looking at my own style and how to improve, I hope.

This week I got in my cute vintage dress i ordered from ebay, yay :D it was only 10 euros! can you believe that?! It has retro shoulderpads and everything, ahaha.
I don't have a very good pic right now but this should give you guys a bit of an idea.. also fancy hair :D first time ever for me trying to do rolls..
Wasn't too satisfied with the pics i took, but it was already late and dark out (=w=;;) so that might have had something to do with it.. hopefully some better pics in the future :D

I hate it how shipping can get so expensive... :( I wanted to order some stuff from DreamV's paypal accepting store and the shipping would be 20 dollars!? so much... :(
I also should look into ordering some lower lashes and maybe some extra circle lenses while i'm at it... :B god i'm so good at spending money, it's ridiculous, really..

Can't wait till the weekend! :D

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