Tuesday, December 13, 2011

008 Christmas tree!

Today I set up our new christmas tree! It was very excited, I had never done it on my own before.. But it went very well. The kits thought it was very excited too, I had to shoo them away from the tree a thousand and one times, haha.

Here's the finished result! :D I'm quite happy with it although it was hard to divide the lights everywhere @_@
Then I decided to dress up in my maid outfit, since we wanted to put some X-mas greets from the maids of the cafe on our site...

Here's our website; http://www.sparklingpotpourri.com/ Although it's a little un-updated ^^;

I explored my new home town a little more today and found we have a river island, new look, republic, jane norman, topshop & H&M!! I can totally shop here, great :D

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