Wednesday, December 21, 2011

009 Loads of stuff.

A while back I posted about ordering a wig. I took some pics in it quite a while ago too but never posted.. so here are a few :)

So I bought it from ebay and it was quite cheap and the shipping was very quick! For those interested; Here's the shop/link.

I was very satisfied with it, even though the colour seems to be a bit more bright than it appears to be in the ebay/stock picture. When using flash you can tell it's fake, but in normal daylight I think, even though it has a very bright colour, it looks quite real. I posted this picture somewhere else a while ago and a lot of people initially thought this was my own hair and that I had dyed it.

It's super voluminous! So if you're looking for a wig with a lot of volume/poofyness, this is the one for you! (I think they sell it in different colours than this one too.) You also get a free wig cap!                                                                                        

So I decked out in mori clothes and took some pics in our autumn garden as you can see :D I really love this wig a lot, it's great quality. Last pic is in a slightly darker room inside.
Took this pic earlier this week.. Practising a bit with my make up :) I actually dyed my hair lighter today and I really like the colour! But I haven't taken any pictures yet... too busy buying and wrapping christmas presents @_@

Talking of Christmas... I probably wont blog until after new years, so for those who read this; I wish you all a merry Christmas and a happy new year! I hope 2012 will be lovely :) ♥

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