Saturday, January 14, 2012

011 Make up and kitties.

Since I'm sitting around the house a lot (hunting for jobs online) I decided that today I would not look like a bum the entire day and did some make up ^w^

But first, a pic of a cute kitty *O*

Gizmo, sleeping next to me, awww ♥

I tried out my new circle lenses. I was a little disappointed.. they don't really enlarge a lot and I hoped the colour would be more noticable (pink).
Tada~  I also tried to use my lower eye lashes that I got a while ago. Before I always felt like I didn't look 'gyaru' enough without them... but I found it hard to make them work! Still not really sure if I like them on me.. here's some more random pics I took.

 I always feel like my face is so heavy with all the lashes and the eyeliner on ○_○ so that's why i'm still not so sure about this style. Even so, I do feel too 'normal' when i'm not wearing the lower lashes.. dilemma!

 I actually changed into a nice outfit but all the outfit pics sucked xD; so most of them are just me in my PJ's .. Sorry about that!

Also, I can never seem to be able to put two pictures next to each other on my blog? Am I just a complete noob or is it actually not possible? XD; so many questions... haha.

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