Tuesday, January 3, 2012

010 Happy new year~!

Happy new year to everyone! ^w^
I had a great Christmas and New years celebration! And i'm all ready to go into 2012 and make it an awesome year :)

For new years eve we went to De Efteling, a dutch themepark which is amazing ♥ We first had an amazing dinner;
The entrance of the park! So lovely. It always used to remind me of Hogwarts, haha.

This was the starter, a big plate for of yummies!
I love pickles so I was sitting at the right spot haha ^o^
The staff was all really lovely and I had such a good time time during the dinner. It was all in Burgundian style! It made me feel a little like as if I was in A Song of Ice and Fire book, hehe.

This was the main course! Grilled chicken and potatoes and veggies underneath along with herbs&spices. It was lovely! I had never before eating a whole chicken like that (we shared of course). My dad is wearing the scarf/bib think because he was made the 'chicken manager' and he had to pick up the chicken from the kitchens! Haha. We got to keep the scarf :)

And dessert! Little apple pies with vanilla sauce. I don't like vanilla so I didn't use the sauce but the pies were lovely <3 still warm and really fresh, yum!

So we walked around the park and time flew by! we went on some rides and then went to find a good place to watch the fireworks.

Carousel palace :) inside is a huge carousel you can ride!
In a hall next to it there was a disco for kids.

Little red & grandmother with my nephew. His name is Wolf so Red asked if she shouldn't be afraid of him..
Instead he was a bit afraid of them, hahaha!

So when it was 12 o clock, the fireworks didn't start like they were supposed to.. Everyone was standing around a bit baffled. We were standing close to a staff member overseeing things and she said this was definitely not supposed to happen! We offered her some champagne :D and wished her a happy new year too. Later the fireworks did start, but I have to say they were a little underwhelming :(

But all in all I had a super good time :D Here's some funny pics I took og my family and me :)

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